Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1904

QuickBooks Error 1904

A very common QuickBooks error code i.e QuickBooks error 1904 – Failed to register when installing QuickBooks, which usually pops up when you are installing QuickBooks desktop on your computer. QuickBooks users who lack technical knowledge can get help from QuickBooks technical support team. Warning messages displayed by QuickBooks error 1904:

  • QuickBooks Error 1904: failed to register when installing QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Error 1904: [file path / name / extension] failed to register

QuickBooks error 1904


Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 1904

  1. Incorrect QuickBooks installation
  2. QuickBooks company file settings are not configured properly
  3. Third-party anti-virus, anti-malware or spyware for e.g. Bitdefender, pc cleaner, etc
  4. QuickBooks company file is damaged
  5. Windows or Operating System is upgraded to the latest version
  6. Damaged components Of Microsoft Visual C++


Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error 1904

Perform these simple troubleshooting steps to resolve error 1904 in QuickBooks desktop or get in touch with support personnel to resolve error 1904 in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks error 1904



Intuit recommends using QuickBooks install diagnostic tool to resolve installation errors like error 1904 in QuickBooks desktop.

  • Click on Ignore on the error code message & finish the installation. After you get finished with the installation do not open Quickbooks
  • Reboot your system & Power flea
  • If the installation window disappears, download and run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool
  • Restart the computer to apply changes
  • If QBinstall tool does not help to resolve the error code, get in touch with QuickBooks tech support agent on +1-650-265-1773



STEP 1: Activate Built-in Administrator

  • Open Run window by pressing Windows+R simultaneously
  • Type in CMD & open command prompt as administrator
  • Type net user administrator /active: yes and tap the enter key to proceed with the command

STEP 2: Switch to Built-in Administrator

  • Go to the login window in your system to switch user by pressing ctrl+alt+del on your keyboard
  • Click on the default administrator account and log in

STEP 3: Hide built-in Administrator Account

  • Open Command Prompt again as an administrator
  • type net user administrator /active: no and then press Enter to deactivate the built-in administrator

STEP 4: Configure Security settings in QuickBooks installation directory

  • Go to program files stored in local drive of your computer
  • Locate common files folder & right-click to open properties
  • Click on the security tab, select the edit option

Miscellaneous Cases for QuickBooks Error 1904

Bitdefender For Security

If you are using third-party software for security like Bitdefender. Add common files folder of programs from the local drive to Bitdefender exclusion list. If you switch off Bitdefender when installing QuickBooks desktop, it will not help to resolve this issue.

If QuickBooks Error 1904 occurs when installing Adobe Flash Player

  1. Repair QuickBooks by running QuickBooks install diagnostic tool
  2. 2. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player
  • Go to control panel
  • Locate Adobe flash player
  • Right-click and click on uninstall

If QuickBooks error 1904 refers to QBversiontool.dll

Download and run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool to repair installation errors and restart the computer.

Contact QuickBooks Support +1800-316-0126 To get Instant Support for QuickBooks Error 1904

If above-mentioned steps do not resolve QuickBooks error 1904 in QuickBooks desktop. Get in touch with 24×7 open customer service centre for QuickBooks on QuickBooks customer support phone number +1-650-265-1773.

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