QuickBooks Payroll Support

QuickBooks payroll support

QuickBooks payroll support is given to the users who use Payroll services for their business . QuickBooks software has an elite feature of Payroll to process salary or wages hourly and monthly to employees . It automatically downloads the tax tables via internet . QuickBooks Payroll calculates earnings , payroll taxes, and deductions . You can pay your employees directly to their bank accounts or through printing the pay checks from your computer after reviewing the pay checks from your side . Basic Payroll does not include tax forms . If you have a basic Payroll subscription, you can generate tax reports and work with your accountant on tax filings and If you have an enhanced Payroll subscription , QuickBooks will automatically work on federal and tax forms and will pay taxes electronically with E-File and there will be no additional prices .

Set up Payroll with QuickBooks

  • Go to Employees menu in QuickBooks , click Payroll Setup to Begin .
  • Click the Payroll Center icon on the QuickBooks Home page to manage Payroll related activities .
  • Create paychecks on Pay Employees tab to pay your employees .
  • Set up direct deposit so that you can pay employees by free direct deposit . Before that you have to set the accounts i.e. source of money (Owner bank account) and employees bank account which can be done from choosing Employees > Employee Center .
  • QuickBooks will set up the information for your employees and if you need to change some information like dates , deductions and additions you can go to the employee center to do that .
  • Keeping tax tables up to date . If you have basic payroll subscription then you have to do it manually and if you have enhanced subscription then it will be done by default.
  • Paying taxes and other liabilities like insurance , bonus and retirement plans by going to Pay liabilities tab .
  • QuickBooks automatically fills in federal and state tax forms for you if you have enhanced subscription but If you have a Payroll Basic subscription you will need an Accountant to do that .


Have questions or need help?

QuickBooks Payroll Support is provided by Live Expert Support on QuickBooks Customer Support Number +1800-910-6880.